Signs of a Broken Air Conditioner

Signs of a broken air conditioning unit are really easy to spot. They may surprise you and make you startle when you see them. When the AC is not working properly, it will sometimes send warm air through your house and drop the temperature wildly, making your skin and hair dry and tingly. You need to act immediately when you see these symptoms so that you can get the relief you need. These signs will help you realize that your air conditioning system needs to be repaired.

Strange Sounds - One of the signals of a broken AC unit is the strange sounds that it makes. If you've ever had the pleasure of owning an air conditioners, then you know what these noises sound like. Air conditioners often make a humming sound while others make a high pitched whining sound. Usually, these noises only happen when the air conditioners are not running or when the cooling is on. When the cooling is on, the AC becomes active and these noises go away. If you have noticed this sound during normal use of the air conditioner and it suddenly starts happening while you are cooling off, you need to have the AC unit repaired immediately.

Dirty Air Filter - Another one of the common signs of a broken air conditioner unit is when you hear strange noises coming from the air filtering system. Often times, the filters will get dirty and clogged up which will decrease the efficiency in which the air is able to make its way through the system. This means that cold air is being forced through the system when the system's air filter is unable to effectively catch the amount of cold air that is entering the system. The only way for the air to flow is to move along with a higher temperature, so having a clogged up air filter is a very common problem with AC units.

Noisy Clutter - If you notice that all of the sudden the air in your air conditioner has become hot, you may have found out that there is a broken air conditioning unit somewhere in your home. Because most air conditioners are run by Freon, which is a refrigerant, this process can take place at any point during the season. The ceiling fans in your house also contribute to this process because they tend to suck up the excess heat and push it into the room. Therefore, not only will the air conditioners make the air in your room hot, but you will also start to hear a variety of annoying screeching and banging sounds as well. Learn more about the signs of a broken air conditioner.

When an AC begins to make strange sounds, you need to call in an AC repair company to check it out and see if there is any damage to the AC unit. One way to tell if there is any damage to the air conditioning unit is if you notice that the wires are frayed around the AC motor. Also, if you notice strange noises coming from your AC unit then it is advisable to call in a professional air conditioning service. The wires inside of an air conditioner's motor can easily be damaged if the motor itself is not taken care of properly.

It is important to know when these problems occur so that you can fix them right away. If you have a heating and ac unit in your home, make sure you know when these problems happen so that you can take steps to keep them from happening. The sooner you notice these problems, the faster you can get it repaired. If you have both AC units, you will need to call in both companies because AC repair can be very expensive. Make sure you call both companies at the same time so that you get an estimate of how much it will cost to repair both the AC units. For more details about this subject, click here:,_ventilation,_and_air_conditioning.

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